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SFP Health Group is a healthcare company dedicated to elevating the standards of care through collaboration and unity. With a commitment to excellence, we serve a diverse range of healthcare groups throughout Florida, working together to create a comprehensive network of wellness.

World-class care, just around the corner.

Whether you need a routine visit or urgent care services, our neighborhood-focused healthcare is personal and effective.

Primary Care

You’re more than your medical chart. Our primary care providers treat each patient as a unique individual.

Urgent Care

Whenever care is needed in a hurry, we’re close by and ready to help.

Preventive & Wellness Care

Our proactive approach benefits everyone involved, starting with the patient.


As older adults’ needs become more complex, they should demand more of their doctors, starting with a well-grounded relationship.

It’s a healthier day in the neighborhood.

We firmly believe that when healthcare professionals come together, they have the power to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities. We focus on our patients’ overall, ongoing wellness enabling our providers to focus on medicine, not administration. Our mission is to foster innovation, share knowledge, and create a collective force, propelling healthcare forward.

Through our approach, we harness the strength of unity to address medical challenges, enriching lives and ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality of care. Whether it's preventative medicine, cutting-edge treatments, or compassionate support, SFP Health Group is dedicated to reshaping the healthcare landscape, one collaboration at a time.

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If you’re passionate about changing healthcare for the better and building trusting relationships between doctors and patients, there's a place for you on our team. Explore our careers page and be part of our journey to approach primary care with a focus on community.

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We're here to answer your questions

What is primary care?

Primary care is like your go-to friend in the world of healthcare, the one you visit for regular check-ups, advice on staying healthy, and help with everyday health concerns. It's all about building a friendly, trustworthy relationship with your healthcare provider right here in your community.

How do I find a primary care doctor near me?

Wondering how to find a primary care doctor near you? Well, it's easy! Just head on over to Our Clinics, and we'll help you discover the perfect neighborhood doctor near you to take care of your health needs.

What is urgent care, and when should I go to urgent care?

Urgent care is your friendly, fast-response healthcare option when you need help right away but it's not a life-threatening emergency. You should head to urgent care for things like minor injuries, fevers, sprains, or when your regular doctor isn't available – they're there to lend a helping hand!

Do I need an appointment to visit an urgent care clinic?

Most of the time, you don't need an appointment to visit an urgent care clinic. They're designed to be convenient, so you can just walk in whenever you need help during regular business hours. They're there to take care of you when you need it most, no appointment required!

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a good friend that helps folks over 65 and certain younger people with disabilities get affordable healthcare coverage. It's a government program that steps in to make sure you have access to medical services without breaking the bank, so you can enjoy your golden years worry-free!

Can you help me apply for Medicare benefits?

Applying for Medicare benefits can be a bit of a maze, but don't worry. We partner with trusted Health Benefit Advisors who help you with Medicare guidance at no cost to you. For more information head on over to Our Clinics.

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